Or, how wealthy landlords in Korea may soon default on hundreds of millions of dollars borrowed from their poorer tenants
Why hasn't the invisible hand trimmed the fat from Twitter?
Or "surge pricing for art", or "How can we design a market system to pay artists for their tributes to our AI overlords?"
An interesting skill many CEOs and charismatic leaders have is the ability to synthesize tasks that feel meaningful, thus attracting people to work on…
How does one-share-one-vote circumvent Arrow's impossibility theorem?
I started a podcast! It shares the name of this Substack, but the podcast is co-hosted with Max Resnick at Risk Harbor (who might also guest post on the…
The Celsius Bankruptcy FilingListen now (31 min) | In the first episode of the (provisionally titled) Not Investing Advice podcast, Max Resnick and Anthony Lee Zhang talk about the…
I raised $500 million USD in AUM by promising users 20% risk-free returns. What do I do now???
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